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Educating Marston:
A Mother and Son's
journey Through Autism

Educating Marston shares the story of a family's devotion, determination, and commitment to help Marston live the best life. You will be educated on the autism spectrum, the therapies to help, and inspired to love and respect those living on the autism spectrum and the families that are devoted to the them.

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Listen to the interview with Malinda Dalton-Cook on the Autism Mastermind Podcast where Dr. Eric Weiss discusses Stem Cell replacement therapy’s impact on Autism:

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Listen to the interview with Christine Weiss earned a BA from Florida State University in Food and Nutrition, and her husband Eric Weiss


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Everyone experiences happiness and sorrow, anger, joy, fear, surprise, loneliness. Kids on the spectrum feel just as deeply, but they often sound different, have more issues with confidence, and they don't know what comes after "hi," making their ability to focus and succeed in social situations hard. With Marston, I'd start every morning believing today was the day he was going to look into my eyes and really want me. He'd reach for me, smile for the first time. Walk. He'd say, "Mama," "Daddy," or even "ball." By 1998, when he turned three, I'd uttered that same old prayer a thousand times, and I was more determined than ever to shatter the glass wall that separated my son from the rest of the world. Autism wasn't widely talked about back then, and Facebook (networking) didn't exist. Eric and I were on our own. This memoir is our journey of educating Marston through programs like The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential, Vision Therapy, the Tomatis® Method, Marion Blank's approach to reading, hippotherapy, ballroom dancing, and the list goes on…until we discovered stem cell replacement therapy.

 - Author & Mother, Christine Weiss 

What Umbilical Cord Blood and Stem Cells Therapy is.

Wake up With Marci Interview with Dr Eric Weiss and Christine Weiss - Watch Video Inteview



Julie Summer
Midwest Book Reviews

“An inherently fascinating and ultimately inspiring story for the parents of autistic children, "Educating Marston: A Mother and Son's Journey Through Autism" is an extraordinary and unreservedly recommended addition to community, college and university library Autism collections and supplemental studies curriculums. It should be noted for personal reading lists that "Educating Marston: A Mother and Son's Journey Through Autism" is also readily available in a digital book format.”

Brett Snodgrass
Brett Snodgrass Podcast 

“Raising a child with autism is a life-altering experience with many challenges that most people don't understand. There are few places to turn to for answers when trying to navigate this unique parenting roadmap. Autism doesn't just affect the child; it affects the whole family. Many marriages are effected and tested with an autistic child. Dr. Eric Weiss and his wife, Christine Weiss, who is a food and nutrition expert, have had to raise their autistic son, Marston. They understand the hardships parents of a child with autism face, and they have developed strategies to effectively raise an autistic child. Eric and Christine are passionate about helping parents and children on the autism spectrum learn healthy practices to implement in their lives. Many parents have learned from their innovative knowledge that they've discovered through the years.”

“I loved reading this book. I felt that it was not only a very courageous story but an excellent resource for anyone who has a child on the spectrum. This mother has done so much research and follow through that those parents dealing with autism for the first time can just read this book and find answers they might not have know about. Also a must part of the book is the research about stem cell therapy so well presented by Doctor Weiss. Marston your parents have moved heaven and earth to help you become all that you can be and more. MMS. 

Listen to the interview 
on Marrin Costello Radio with
Dr. Eric & Christine Weiss discuss
Stem Cell replacement
therapy's impact on Autism.

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