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Leading Regenerative Medicine Practitioner, On How Stem Cell Can Help In the Treatment of Autism

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Although stem cell research and the promises of what it can do for humans have been around for a few decades, its application for treating several health conditions has become more popular today. Amongst the prominent professionals researching stem cells and applying their discovery to treat Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD),Dr. Eric Weiss is at the forefront.

His journey on this path began with his wife, Christine (Chris Weiss), after the birth of their son, Marston, who was diagnosed with autism. Being a mother and having a husband that is a physician, it was a situation they would not accept without a fight. So began their concerted quest to find answers.

"We went to the University of Illinois, Chicago," says Dr. Eric. "Chris found researcher Dr. Thomas Lobe, a world-renowned pediatric surgeon who offered this therapy to us. We went to see Dr. Lobe, and the therapy had tremendous benefits for our son."

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