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Finding Hope: Educating Marston is a Must Read for All Those Needing Answers to Autism

Written in partnership with Nick Kasmik.

Sharing information and keeping the spirit of positivity is what Autism Awareness Month is all about. On the other hand, it’s crucial to continuously raise awareness about ongoing research to improve the lives of children with autism. On that note, umbilical cord blood/stem cell therapy has shown promising results in helping children with autism. Dr. Eric Weiss, who administers the treatment to several patients, has been tracking the progress of this type of therapy and, together with his wife Christine, watched as it helped their son Marston reach independence.

However, Dr. Eric Weiss and Christine (Chris) Weiss’s journey wasn’t always easy. Their son Marston was diagnosed with autism from an early age. Chris Weiss has documented their journey in a book called Educating Marston: A Mother and Son’s Journey Through Autism, highlighting the importance of early intervention in treating autism. “When you are told your child has autism, you are initially in shock and then feel lost hope,” she shared. “Many parents think they did something wrong but don’t know where to seek help. Those who find the treatment don’t tell anybody where they get umbilical cord blood. And they especially don’t tell the other therapists, so the other therapists are mapping games week by week, and suddenly, the gains are starting to improve. This child is getting better via therapy alone.”

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