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Parenting a child with autism: Christine Weiss pens memoir to help families

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Christine Weiss is an author, educator, and mom. As the parent of a child with autism, she found the home setting challenging and that having the right support system in place made all the difference. To help other parents raising a child who has autism spectrum disorder (ASD), Christine shares her mother-son experience in the memoir Educating Marston. In our one-on-one interview, Christine Weiss talks about family challenges, what led to the book, umbilical cord stem cell therapy, and more.

Interview with author Christine Weiss

Even with a very busy schedule, Christine took the time for this interview to educate and help those who might be struggling with raising an autistic child. I appreciate that. Our conversation covered many important areas, from feeling guilt as a mom to advances in stem cell research. We began by talking about the book’s origins.

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